I am extremely grateful to the NHDP project for documenting the Chhayabahal Mattha including very old documents from the Mattha. The Chayabahal Mattha belongs to our family trust and was built in the Malla period (400 years old?) The documentation work by NHDP will be extremely useful for our restoration and conservation goals.

Luna Bharati9.3.2022 (Executive Director, Chhayabahal Mattha Foundation)

I have so much admiration and respect for your work on Nepal. It will truly be a great honor to study using the DANAM data.

Prof. Timothy Lubin19.4.2021 (Washington and Lee University)

It is indeed a wonderful project, one that has especially been a valuable reference during the past year. I certainly hope the pilot project will be a success, and that similar work can be extended to all of Nepal's heritage sites.

Suyog Prajapati13.3.21 (State University of New Jersey)